6 Weeks Old

This week, I would have been on Spring Break, had I been working. Lucky for me, I just get an extra week of Maternity leave. This week I’ve been working on de-cluttering. Adding a nursery where an office/closet/junk room used to be has displaced lots of stuff. It was time to downsize. (Seems like I’m always on a quest to declutter. Perhaps the key is not getting more junk). I took about 30 items of clothing to a consignment store (and found out I had earned $80 on stuff I took in previously). I also donated a ton of stuff to Ozanam (and the nice thing was that they came to pick it up).

The a capella group I sing with (“Reconciled”) meets on Thursday nights. I started taking Scarlet to rehearsals. She lies on a blanket and seems happy as a lark. For now, this works, and James is happy that she is absorbing all of this music.

Here are this week’s pictures:

Sunday after church the weather was beautiful, and she spent a few moments looking out the open window in her room. Had to snap a shot of her in her pretty Sunday dress.We’ve gone to Grammy’s the last couple of Saturdays. Here she is hanging out in the computer room:

~ by tawnyamarie on March 18, 2011.

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