7 Weeks Old: Trip to Nebraska

Scarlet and I headed to York, NE again to see my sister and her family. This time I had the luxury of being a passenger, as we rode up with my parents. We stopped in Lincoln for lunch and arrived at my sister’s house by 3. Here are some pics from the trip:

She slept peacefully during the whole 4 hour trip (both ways).

I finally got to meet their pet rabbit, Sugar. He was so cute and snuggly.Milan couldn't wait to get her hands on Scarlet.

Milan was anxious to help bathe her.


..and pamper her.

Abbey is growing up.She's now taller than her Grammy...

and passing the true test (with shoes off) she seems happy to have passed up her Mom as well.

Milan seemed tickled to entertain Scarlet.

The pack and play came in handy. Found Scarlet sleeping on her nose. I normally don't put her on her stomach to sleep, and perhaps this is good reason not to.


I just love her chunky cheeks.

...and bright eyes

Mommy and Scarlet at 7 weeks.

Despite that it was nearly April, the snow flew several times while we were there. We headed back to KC shortly after lunch on Saturday, making a stop at the VF outlet. What would have been a very quick stop normally, turned into an hour with baby in tow.

~ by tawnyamarie on March 29, 2011.

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