8 Weeks Old

I can hardly believe it has been 8 weeks! This saddens me, as I only have a week and 3 more days left of my maternity leave. I’ve been fighting a cold since Thursday, so I’ve spent a lot of time in bed over the weekend. Scarlet seemed fine until tonight. We attended Heartland Worship with my parents and she didn’t seem her cheerful self. Once during the service and also at the restaurant, she began crying and it was not because she was hungry (about the only reason she cries). I’m afraid she’s getting my cold.

Here are pictures from this week. Most of these I took on Thursday as she played on her play mat with Daddy.

Still having some trouble with head control. I’ve had her on the table doing tummy time. (I almost wrote tubby time; due to my cold, that’s how it would sound if I said it right now. Perhaps I’m even thinking with a cold “accent”)..You can see the first scratch she gave herself below her left eye.

This mobile-thingy with toys was given to us by family friends as a hand me down. She already is liking it.

Daddy says Olympic training can’t start too soon. Tonight as we listened to a speaker from Pepperdine, James leaned over and told me that if one is a good enough Volleyball player, that school is definitely an option.

Smiling at her Daddy.She’s a very happy baby, generally, and does lots of smiling and laughing.

Here she is one morning in one of her more somber moods. As her daddy said, “Every day can’t be sunshine and rainbows”. I like this pic because she looks so sweet and innocent (and because it shows how blue her eyes are).

Two month picture coming soon.

~ by tawnyamarie on April 4, 2011.

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