Scarlet is 9 Weeks Old: Birthdays and Bunco

I caught a cold last Thursday and am just now getting over it. To my dismay, I’ve not been very productive, as I’ve spent lots of time in bed this week. Scarlet didn’t have any of the congestion symptoms, but I could tell she was trying to fight it off. She was a bit fussy a few evenings (and usually she only cries for food and occasionally because she needs to burp). She also woke up sweaty and felt a bit warm to the touch. I pulled out my new baby thermometer to take her temp and was disgusted that it had a dead battery, despite being fresh out of the package.

The first morning that Scarlet woke up sweaty, I wasn’t sure if the wetness was pee or spit up, or what. The next night I decided to go ahead and start the cloth diapers. We have our stash ready, but we received so many disposables, we are just now getting to the end of them. The cloth so far are easy to use, but quite a bit bulkier than disposable. I can’t imagine using them on a newborn, even on their smallest setting.

Scarlet attended Heartland Worship with my parents and I Sunday. They took us out to eat at Granite City afterwards. Ironically, my friend Tity, chose the same restaurant for her Birthday dinner, so we were there again on Tuesday. Here’s Tity with my friend Emily:

And Scarlet with some of my friends….

Monday we spent time  at Granny and Grancers:

And Friday, Scarlet went to Bunco with me. Here she is with her Aunt Eileen, who just happened to match her beautifully. (And you can see a pair of her cloth diapers here. Nice that they double as bloomers).

Today, Scarlet and I are at my parents hanging out while I’m eking out the last bits of my maternity leave.

~ by tawnyamarie on April 9, 2011.

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