Scarlet is 10 weeks old (and I’m back to work)

 Admittedly, it was hard to truly enjoy my last week of maternity leave, as I was so sad about having to go back. So far, I’ve taken Scarlet just about everywhere with me. Nine and a half hours (when you include travel time) was going to seem like an eternity. Surprisingly I didn’t shed a tear on Thursday when I returned to work. I think I had done my grieving and had come to grips with it. It was good to see the kids at school and that took my mind off things. As usual, there was no shortage of funny comments. One of the first students I saw told me I’d grown, which surprised me. Later her teacher explained she thought I looked taller (probably because I had to sit so much my last month or two of pregnancy). And my favorite comment…”Hi Miss Tawnya! You lost weight!”.

Chillin’ in her swing (which she loves). Here she is with her “Podee” bottle. I get the most comments and questions about this little device. It’s so handy when you need hands-free feeding. Of course I don’t recommend it all the time, as I think babies need to be held when they’re fed the majority of the time.

I had a couple of returns at Kohl’s and since I don’t shop there often, I wasn’t sure what to get. I discovered that they had the projector/mobile I registered for in their online shop. It came this week. Scarlet is in love with it. Here she is totally entranced as I was assembling it (and trying out the projector portion).

And here it is assembled in the crib. I wouldn’t have been able to afford the $50 price tag normally, but I had a coupon plus a returned merchandise credit, so all told I think I paid 4 bucks. Here she’s raising her rocker fist again. It does play classical music, nature sounds and a heartbeat sound. It has the animal mobile plus it projects a moving animal picture inside the canopy (that’s the part she loves most). As she gets older and the mobile has to come down, it will project onto the ceiling. And it has a remote so that you can restart it from the door without alerting baby to your presence. I love it.

At her 2 month check-up, I told the Dr. that we’d noticed that Scarlet has a strong preference for looking to the left. She told me that she has a mild case of torticollis (wry neck) that could easily be fixed with stretching. This was caused by her position in the womb, and from what I’ve read, it’s more common with larger babies that run out of room. James has really been working with her on this. We make a concerted effort to face her to the right when we can and do gentle stretches with her. She really doesn’t like tummy time and I think she seems a little weak when it comes to lifting her head.

At Grammy’s. Love this little fleece dress she’s wearing.

~ by tawnyamarie on April 15, 2011.

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