Scarlet is 11 Weeks Old! Meeting More Family & Teething

This week started with a Fix It Freeze It event at church. This was my first time going and I’ll definitely have to try it again. My friend Rebekah, and her husband Barry (who sings with me in Reconciled) organize this once a month. They bought all the groceries, did all the planning, and we met at the church building Saturday morning to assemble 4 easy meals. There was a lot of food for the $60 I paid. I think we ended up with 9 chicken cordon Bleu servings; 12 Spicy Hamburgers; 2 Garlic studded Pork Loins and 2 ziplock freezer bags of BBQ marinated Chicken. I’m not good at cooking when I get home from work (I’m never in the mood, nor do I want to wait that long). James does cook some things, but I’m getting tired of the same things over and over.  

While I was there at the building, our worship minister asked if I would be willing to paint a quick backdrop for Easter. He wanted it to look like the interior of the upper room. I just came back after lunch and painted a stone wall with a shuttered window. Scarlet was a little angel, sleeping through most of this, and never complaining.

Tuesday, Scarlet got to meet my Aunt and Uncle (Linda and Kenneth) from Colorado. We had a big family dinner at my parent’s. Surprisingly, the balloons I got in the hospital for Scarlet’s birth were still floating. She enjoyed them much more at this age.

Today is Good Friday. I had the day off and since my sister’s family is in town, I headed up to Mom’s to be with the family. The kids dyed eggs and I’m spending the night since tomorrow is the big Easter egg hunt and picnic that we do annually.

By the way, the pretty plaid and velvet dress in these photos is one of my favorites. She wore it to church last week and this week when I put it on, it wouldn’t button in the back. Had to get some photos while she could still wear it. When we went up to my parents’ for dinner on Tuesday, I called James and asked him to have her dressed and ready. He had her in this dress again.  I think he heard me say that I wanted her to wear the cute stuff while it still fit. And while it was a little fancy for a casual dinner, I’m glad she’s getting good use out of  her cute clothes.

Scarlet has had a few evenings of fussiness. This is unusual, because she is really good-natured. She basically only cries when hungry or when needing to burp. Later, we discovered she is teething already. You can see and feel the little teeth just under the gums and she’s been chewing on her hands constantly.

The pics for the week (Click to enlarge):

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