12 Weeks. Easter Festivities

Lots of happenings this week. My family has an annual Saturday-before-Easter picnic at my parents’ property in Kearney, MO. This is land they bought intending to build a house before they bought their place in Liberty. It has a nice park-like atmosphere – nice grassy areas, a wooded spot, a creek running through the back. Usually there is kite-flying, frisbee chasing, bubble blowing, burger grilling, and of course Easter-egg hunting. The kids’ eggs are color coded so they know which ones to pick up. That Easter bunny is Mr. Organization. Here are some pics from the picnic:

Easter Sunday, I had to get to church early, since Reconciled was singing. I laid out 2 outfits for Scarlet and hoped Daddy wouldn’t dress her backwards (as he does quite often) or forget any essentials. But he did a great job and she looked so pretty in her green dress. After church, we headed to the Hart home for a big Easter dinner. I asked Amber to take our picture afterwards since we don’t have many pics of all 3 of us.

And more shots I took in her pretty green dress (the lighting was bad but she slept through the good lighting).

This week we also went to my friend Tekia’s big catering debut at an art show. T’s food was great as usual. James met me there after being at his Mom’s all day. He had Scarlet in an interesting outfit. She had a onesie with a long-sleeved jacket. He thought he was picking up the skirt that matched (he missed the matching pants). Though the outfit was cream and pink, he picked up a  red gingham romper to go with it. Someday I’ll have to write a post about his clothing misadventures.

Friday, there was a Heart to Home retreat near Wellsville, KS. I hadn’t planned on going, as I didn’t want to be away from Scarlet that long, but my Heart Mom, Debbie

Photo by Deidre Malcom

convinced me to ride with her and just attend Friday evening’s portion. We got there early and I was given a hard time for making a plain old name tag when I’m supposed to be an artist. So I fancied mine up and soon ladies were asking me to make one for them. Well, I’d rather have something to do with my hands than sit idly, so I was happy to comply. Soon I had a waiting list, and my friend CJ set out a tip jar and told everyone to throw in a quarter for Scarlet’s college fund. So now I can say that Scarlet has about $3.75 towards college. Here’s a pic my friend Diedre took with her fancy schmancy camera (I want one!).


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