Mother’s Day and Scarlet’s Baby Dedication

My very first Mother’s Day. It was great. Not because I got any special gifts or cards. Today I got to celebrate something I’ve waited a very long time for.

Now I’ve never experienced infertility, but I feel like I can certainly relate to those who have. All those years that I waited to meet the right man were not just years of struggling with being single. They were also years that I wondered if I’d ever get to be a mother.  And though I know it’s not the same as being infertile, in many ways it is. I-couldn’t-have-children. Each year as Mother’s were celebrated in church on Sunday, I tried not to focus on my own plight, but still was filled with sadness and despair at my unrealized hopes (both for a husband and children). The last couple of years I was single, it got to the point that I seriously considered skipping church on Mother’s Day so I wouldn’t have to deal with the pain.

A lot can change in a matter of just a few years. God has been so good to me and I’m sorry for the times I doubted His desire to grant me my heart’s desires. Now I can celebrate.  I didn’t feel sadness as Mother’s were celebrated in church on Sunday. Mothers were asked to stand. Stepmothers were also asked to stand. Then those who want to be mothers were asked to stand. I know this was meant to include and honor all women, but I cringed at this last part. This being the part where, as someone who can’t have kids, you just feel a bit alienated. I’m not criticizing how it was done because there’s no good way to do it. Anyone in that situation will feel bad if they’re totally left out but also feel sad when they’re included (because it’s something akin to getting the home-game consolation prize when everyone else gets the European vacation). So I did feel a small ache for those women who can’t have children, whether that’s physically or just because they are waiting on the Lord’s timing.

The best part about our Sunday service was the Baby Dedication. It was a special time to celebrate the new life in our family and to have the elders pray for her and her journey in life. We had the opportunity to write a prayer for her and here’s our prayer for her:

 Dear Heavenly Father:
We thank you for the precious gift that is our daughter, Scarlet and we take this opportunity to dedicate her life to You. You have wonderful plans for our little girl and we ask that You guide us as her parents, that we may help her follow in Your ways.  We acknowledge that you miraculously formed not only her physical body, but her inmost being and we pray that you will help us to nurture both.  We ask for happiness and joy in Scarlet’s life, and when trials do come her way, we pray that she will be comforted in knowing that You will protect her under Your wing. We pray that You help Scarlet realize and develop her talents and abilities so that she may best serve You. We ask for health and vitality for Scarlet.  And most of all, we pray that one day she will understand the sacrifice You made for her and come to know Jesus as her Savior.

After church, we headed over to James’ parents for lunch and then to mine for the evening.

James’ niece Bri who will be a first time mom in June. And Elaine giving one of her famous backrubs.
James’ sister Eileen with her son, Eric.

Scarlet loves lying on this coffee table. She especially loved it when everyone was around to dote over her. It was really hot and muggy so I took her out of her pretty dress even before I got some good pictures.

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