I’ve really enjoyed using the cloth diapers. Honestly they have not been much more work than disposables. The biggest downfalls are the laundry and the amount of room they take up in the diaper bag. And laundry isn’t as bad as you might think. There’s no rinsing in the toilet like our moms had to do. You simply run them through a rinse cycle and then wash them. (The pooh all comes out/dissolves in the rinse). And the pluses are many: they’re cute, I feel better about not putting chemical-laden plastic pants on her, and most of all they are saving us tons of money.

I built up quite a stash of Kawaii pocket diapers before Scarlet arrived. I quickly realized I’d bought too many. I had bought them on ebay for a steal. I sold some of them and actually made a profit!  I wanted to try a few other brands too to see what I like. My sis-in-law Kim had bought me some Flip diapers and I really liked those, so I wanted to explore other covers with inserts. They are much handier for travel, as you can reuse the cover (and therefore don’t have to tote around as much bulk). I bought these weehuggers on ebay and I really like them so far:

I have to hand it to these diaper companies; they have some creative naming abilities. Weehuggers, Happy Heinies, FuzzyBunz, Happybottomus, Bum Genius, just to name a few.

~ by tawnyamarie on May 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Weehuggers”

  1. I had the hardest time using cloth diapers when I had my first daughter. I like the fact that they’re eco-friendly and save on waste, but they were too messy to maintain. My friend is pregnant with her 2nd son so I’ll recommend these weehuggers to her. How much did they cost and did they come in bulk?

  2. What kind of diapers did you try with your daughter?

    I haven’t written about the Kawaii diapers. They are actually easier to use and very economical. I got mine in bulk from ebay. There’s also an online diaper store that sells them cheap. I think it’s called sweet bottom baby. Google it.

    I find the covers with inserts pretty easy too, but what I like about them over the Kawaii, is that you don’t have to buy as many diapers/covers since you can reuse them (until there’s a dirty diaper). And you have less bulk to travel with. So I’m still pretty new to this and was just wanting to explore the options. I was impressed with the weehuggers, but they’re expensive. i got mine slightly used on ebay. I think they retail for $18 – $20 whereas the Kawaii diapers you can get for around $10 or less.

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