Wild at Hart

That’s the name of my mural business that I’d like to get off the ground. It’s difficult to start something with a full time job and a baby at home. It kind of stinks being the major bread winner, as I can’t quit my job to stay home with Scarlet just yet. James is looking for a job now, but unless it pays really well and has good benefits, it just doesn’t pay for him to work. He’s staying home with Scarlet and that saves us a lot of money on daycare (and gives me peace of mind). I haven’t had to experience getting Scarlet up and ready in the wee hours of morning and getting her to daycare and then picking her up after work. So on days when I’m really lamenting my return to the workforce, I can console myself with the fact that she’s home and I know daddy takes good care of her.

So eventually, my murals may be my golden ticket to staying home with Scarlet (and any future kids). I worked yesterday on ordering some marketing materials from Vistaprint. I need to get my website up and running so that I can slowly build my business now while it’s not imperative I have the extra money. Last October, I was asked to paint a mural in a large room at Lakemary. The room is to be used for therapy groups, and they’re calling it the “Play Factory”. Building on that theme, I came up with a design incorporating fanciful machinery spitting out whimsical fairy tale-like scenes around the room. I don’t know if you can tell from the pic, but it’s a large room. The fairy tale scene is probably 7 or 8 feet high if that gives you an idea. I painted this while I was pregnant, so I got tired and didn’t add everything I wanted to before it became nearly impossible to continue. Plus there are several things I wanted to do on scaffolding, but I wasn’t taking that risk while pregnant.

Door within a door.

The fairy tale portionClose up. The princess is based on a pose from a Waterhouse painting seen below:

And this little guy meets kids at the door with gentle reminders about the rules.

Also in the room, I let the kids participate in the mural making. I painted a large machine with a conveyor belt full of gifts. The kids painted toys, animals or other items in the boxes. They also created bugs to include on a beanstalk or flowers along another wall.

So I’ll have to post again when I get the mural updated (and when I get my website up and running). In the plans, I’ve included a pirate ship, a magic carpet, a rainbow, and more.

~ by tawnyamarie on May 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Wild at Hart”

  1. These are very cool! My favorite is the door within a door. It kind of messes with your eyes and it’s unique! Did you do these all yourself? How long have you been painting these murals?

  2. Thanks. Yes, I did all these. I’ve done murals off and on for about 10 years. I’ve worked full time as an art therapist though, so I haven’t really had the time to fully market them.

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