Baby Gear Feature: We Love our Graco Sweetpeace Swing

We love this swing. Well technically it’s a “soother” not a swing, but you get the drift. I love it so much, that I wish it came in a jumbo size for adults.  Throw in a cupholder and remote tray and this would put La-Z-Boy out of business. And by the way, you’ll see lots of pictures of Scarlet in it because it’s a great place to get a full shot of her. Here she is in her cute little sweater dress from last Sunday.

Here are some of its features:

  • It swings at 6 different speeds.
  • The seat pops out so you can turn it any of the 4 directions. We love this feature, as we like to see her sweet face when we’re eating or cooking, etc. Plus this allows either side to side rocking or front to back rocking.
  • It plays slow music, fast music, nature sounds or heartbeats
  • If you have an mp3 player, you can hook that up to play through the speakers
  • The seat vibrates and reclines if you like.
  • The fabric is so soft and plush and the embracing giraffe is just an adorable touch to an outstanding product. Here it looks like it’s nuzzling our ticklish newborn.

  • It’s compatible with our carseat, so if you get home from your travels and baby is sleeping, you can keep her in motion. Here’s a shot of that….

  • It’s got a nice little toy bar that Scarlet is getting just old enough to appreciate.

We have our swing situated in our kitchen/dining room, as that’s the hub of the home and the place where we are most likely to need our hands free to cook, clean, etc. This is a great place to keep her near us and in sight where we can enjoy her.

It’s a funny story about how we came to have this swing. I had registered for this at Babies R Us (with some hesitancy because of the price tag). When it came time for my family shower, my sisters-in-law were really good about asking exactly what I needed. This, along with the stroller were the two big-ticket items remaining. Eileen was gracious enough to get the swing for me (I showed her where to get it online for a savings of about $60 from the store price. Elaine, a former Chiefs’ Cheerleading Coach has known so many cheerleaders over the years and keeps up with them through facebook. She said she’d ask her friends if they had any baby items for girls. Though she didn’t specifically ask for a swing, she emailed me later in the week with a picture of a swing someone offered her for a great price. It was the exact swing I registered for! A friend’s baby had used it only once or twice and so she got a like-new swing for about half of what it would have been in the store. I was amazed at her ability to orchestrate all this within the course of a week and get the swing to my baby shower (from over an hour out of town).  And though a swing is not really a necessity, it is so wonderful to have. And as you can see, we’ve been using it from the very beginning.

                                                                                                                             Fresh from the hospital. (Not really feeling the toy bar at this point).

~ by tawnyamarie on May 21, 2011.

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