Our trip to Branson

Well since I’m behind on blogging, I’ll be blogging in all kinds of random order. If you subscribe; sorry for the confusion. They have a handy-dandy tool here that allows posts to appear like they were written whenever I want. It’s a procrastinator’s dream.

Our family goes on an annual trip to Branson. My parents have a time share there and we usually get 2 condo units and just hang out for several days. None of us are big country music fans that go for the shows, but it’s a beautiful area and there are lots of things to do if you want. We generally take a few jaunts out for things like outlet mall shopping, an occasional show, a hike, or a dip in the resort’s pool. But otherwise, we just relax in the condo and cook our meals there. This year my brother Dave’s family wasn’t able to go, but everyone else was there (for varying lengths of time). James, Scarlet and I stayed until Thursday since I had to go back to work on Friday.

This year, Mom, Abbey and I went to see Noah, the musical. While the music was not that great, the experience was well worth it. The stage wrapped around  almost 180 degrees and the second act’s set was incredible. It was like being in the ark. I looked for a picture online, but they must be pretty protective of that experience to let pics get out. Here’s a picture from the first act which focuses on the building of the ark and the ridicule and persecution Noah and his family face.

Picture from explorebranson.com

Another highlight was taking scarlet swimming for the first time. She loves kicking and playing in the tub, so I was pretty sure she’d like it. She let out just a few waa-waas when she first got in (it was chilly), but she was soon splashing away and having a grand old time.Here are the rest of the pictures (click to see larger)…

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