Business is Booming

Well, at least I’d like it to be. What’s my business?  I have found myself doing all kinds of artwork in my spare time over the last decade or so. I do murals, I make name signs, I’ve painted everything from pet portraits to window shades to mailboxes.  Someone will request something, and no matter how odd it is, I jump on it.  I’ve often thought it would be fun to do art full time, but it wasn’t until I had baby Scarlet (4 months ago) that I have a new-found impetus to get the ball rolling. The goal is to be able to work from home eventually. I’ve decided that I needed to narrow down and have a focus for my business. So I’m focusing on marketing it as custom nursery art. Most of my name signs and murals are in that vein already.

So it isn’t easy to get things going when I have a full time job and a new baby, but here’s what I’ve done in the last few weeks:

  • A few weeks ago, I had a groupon to use for Vistaprint. I went ahead and created postcards highlighting my mural business.
  • In the process, I named my business “Wild at Hart” (I have used this name before when I was thinking of doing pet portraits).
  • Started work on a website. As of this writing, it hasn’t gone live, but it’s very close. Here’s the link (try it in a few days).
  • Created a facebook page, “Wild at Hart Custom Nursery Art”. I’m encouraging my friends to go “like” it, as I think it will help me get established. Plus their friends might stumble upon it because they liked it. So if you haven’t joined, please do.  This is also a good way for complete strangers to find me. If you didn’t know, there are lots of businesses on FB. Some don’t even have a webpage, but use their FB page as a website of sorts. So anyone who searches for nursery art on fb should be led to my page.
  • Added name initials to my line up of offerings. Here’s one I did as a sample to use as my profile picture. This offers something for people who don’t want to spend the money for a large name sign.
  • Created lots of samples. Some of these have been gifts; some I’ve done for a discount. And strangely enough, I seem to have had several random orders from strangers on etsy.
  • Updated my etsy store with the new items.
  • Got some nice normally-pricey art supplies off of ebay. It will make doing this artwork easier.

And in the very near future, I’ll be contacting some of the giveaway blogs about hosting a review and giveaway for my name signs. That means I’ll have to make a couple of signs for free, but there are hundreds of people that see those blogs and sign up for the giveaways, so my artwork will be seen by people that never would have seen it otherwise.

So this is why you haven’t seen many pics of baby Scarlet in the last couple of weeks. I’m going to work on that now.

~ by tawnyamarie on June 12, 2011.

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