Daddy’s Birthday

Today was James’ 46th Birthday! Wow! He doesn’t seem that old. It’s kind of odd to think about the fact that James will be in his 60s when Scarlet graduates high school. I guess that’s not the most ideal, but he takes his health seriously. He says he plans to live to be well over 100. With all the vitamins (we have a tackle box full), healthy eating and working out that he does (a walk to him is at least 2 hours) I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes that. Of course after all that trouble, it would really stink if he was simply hit by a bus. I will tell you that he is hoping that there are donuts in heaven. And he’s said that if I was to die before him, donuts and cheeseburgers will become staples in his diet.

My friends are usually shocked when I tell them how old James is. So in his case, I guess age really is just a number.

So for his birthday this year, we were going to go to a favorite Mexican place, but for some reason, he decided on Denny’s. Wow, he must be getting old. I used to work there before grad school, so I feel qualified to tell you one of the true signs of getting older: rushing on down to Denny’s so you can beat the 4:30 p.m. dinner crowd. (We went at 7, so I guess we are still safe.)

Here are the pics. Daddy and his little girl. He decided to get her started on the healthy eating (fruits and veggies) by having her try out a lemon slice. Considering that she doesn’t like the apple or pear baby food, I didn’t think this would be a hit. Still, I’ve seen much more dramatic “just-ate-a-lemon” faces.





~ by tawnyamarie on June 21, 2011.

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