About Me

When I started this blog in January of ’07, I was a mid-thirties single gal writing about a mish-mash of life. My hot topics were  online dating, weight watchers, creative pursuits,  travel, and lots of cute kid pictures. Well the online dating payed off, and as evidenced by the lull in blog posts starting around the spring and summer of 2008 (when I was in the midst of our whirlwind romance/engagement) my lifestyle changed considerably. Well life changed considerably again in February of 2011 when I became a first time mom at the age of 38. I have a renewed resolve to keep up with this blog, both to keep friends and family in the loop, and to record the little moments that we’ll want to look back and remember. 

Other stuff about me: I’m a Christian, and though I don’t often delve into deeper spiritual posts, I am passionate about my relationship with God. I work with children with developmental disabilites as an art therapist. My hobbies include lots of forms of artwork (including murals), singing, photography, and animals. Back in my single days, I was busy enough juggling my friends, my job, my art pursuits, my family, and my pets. Throw in a husband, an a capella singing group I joined, and now a precious baby, and low and behold, life can get busier. I’m hoping to keep up this blog despite it all.

Thanks for stopping by. I love comments, so make sure to leave your thoughts when you visit.

6 Responses to “About Me”

  1. God Bless You Tawnya. How did you start this blog?

  2. You have a blog. I plan to visit your blog again.

  3. Who is this beautiful woman? I do not believe I have met her. Is this THE Tawnia Marie?

  4. God Bless You Tawnya Marie. You are special. Please tell me more about your faith in Jesus Christ. Eldontakeda@comcast.net

  5. good to see you again..great to hear about the christian living part.. congrads on the newlywed part. take care god bless dblevins

  6. Thanks Dexter….glad to see you on FB as well. Hope you and your family are blessed!

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